About Unco

There’s not much to the Unco story really. We could tell you a whole lot of bollocks about how awesome we are. We could tell you that our gear will give you godlike status on the streets of New Zild…but yeah…nah…we just make teeshirts and stuff. If you like them we’re cool with that. If you don’t…keep an eye out, we may be able to stroke your delicate ego with our designs eventually.

At the moment we only sell our gear in Aotearoa. This may change one day…but then again, it may not.

While we’re not big on marketing bullshit, we’re big on making stuff that will last. We’ve tested the bejesus out of the gear we sell and reckon it’s pretty bloody good for something that’s made out of cotton and plastic. Just don’t be a doofus and iron the print. Each shirt comes with care instructions. Read them…or get someone who can read to read them to you.

Greenwash Time

We package our own product in paper and have chosen to work with apparel supplier ASColour because of their robust sustainability and social responsibilility policies. But we also recognise that things can be a whole lot better. For example we use courier companies with high carbon footprints. We are always on the lookout for better ways to do things – the sooner couriers go electric the better. If you have any bright ideas, or offers, let us know.

Custom Gear

Need something special? Unco’s U+Press service can design and make almost anything that will help you or your business stand out from the crowd…or simply look good.